About Us

Niamh has danced all over the World as both a championship and professional dancer.  Niamh has delighted audiences with performances in many prestigious venues while touring with Riverdance. She has also enjoyed performances at cultural festivals in Europe.  As well as her solo dancing, she enjoyed further competitive success in Céilí championships during her competitive years securing world medals.

Niamh successfully took her TCRG exam (Teacher of Irish Dance) in Limerick in 2013 qualifying her as an Irish dancing teacher. In 2019 Niamh qualified as an ADCRG (Adjudicator of Irish Dance) in Glasgow. Niamh looks forward to welcoming all new students to her academy, hoping to inspire the next generation and instill a love and passion for Irish dance. She firmly believes that the next generation have something amazing to offer and hopes to nurture each individual child’s ability in order to bring them one step closer to reaching their personal goals, whether that might be to dance for fun or fitness or to win a regional or world championship.

Mission Statement

NRM Irish dance mission is to instil and promote a great love of Irish dance, inspire self-belief, confidence, discipline and share our wonderful Irish culture. We provide a solid technical foundation for the developing dancer while concentrating on the basic traditions and rhythms.

Dance develops physical, emotional, and creative aspirations.  Through physical activity, we aim to keep the body and the mind healthy. Dance develops social skills and these skills naturally forge friendships and connections with those that we love to share our joy of dance with.

Dancing is a wonderful way to keep fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and emotional benefits including cardiovascular exercise for heart and lungs, building muscle strength, endurance and motor fitness.  While children are developing physically, dance helps them to remain connected with themselves, being aware of their strengths and abilities and helping them to overcome weakness. As the dancer develops into an adolescent and adult, dance continues to help mould and frame their discipline, even if just dancing for fun- dance knows no age!

Class Info

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